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Commit. Motivate. Reward.
Just because the resource is temporary does not mean that they are not critical to the success of the assignment. A poor performing or difficult temporary resource can immeasurably increase costs, jeopardize schedules and negatively impact the quality of the work product. When hiring a temporary workforce, technical knowledge is not the only critical factor. In addition to technical skills, every manager wants highly committed and motivated contractors. Both the client and the contractor need to passionately feel that they have a professional commitment to the assignment; and highly motivated people are always striving to do their best.

According to Stephen Covey, the difference between poorly motivated and highly motivated employees is about 500% in productivity. Motivated contractors feel a strong sense of ownership and accountability for their work. StaffingScore facilitates 360° feedback between the Project Team to drive commitment and motivation, and rewards outstanding contractors by documenting high performance.

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