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StaffingScore Advantages
It’s a win-win for businesses and contractors who are mutually committed and motivated to work in a high performing team. Business members can ID high performing contractors and contractors who join StaffingScore are demonstratively confident that they will excel in the project.

Advantages for Businesses:
StaffingScore is the first application that addresses a void in the Temporary Staffing Industry – a means to measure and document the quality of a contractor’s work performance. Joining StaffingScore allows business members to review a target candidate’s StaffingScore® Report to verify past performance and read 360° feedback from others who have worked with the contractor. Using StaffingScore, business members can periodically provide feedback for contractors hired to assure they stay on track in the assignment and are motivated to complete outstanding work. In StaffingScore it’s easy to search and ID contractors. If a contractor has not yet joined StaffingScore, invite them to join. All businesses want to hire contractors who are accountable and invested in delivering their highest quality work. StaffingScore contractors take ownership for their work, are accountable for timelines and value performance feedback from members.

Advantages for Contractors:
StaffingScore is designed to support temporary / contract based resources. Contractors can create a profile, read and respond to Performance Evaluations, invite others to evaluate their work, post their availability and build a professional base of followers. A contractor’s StaffingScore® Report is a concise statistical compilation of evaluations and also compares individual average scores with members in a group of peers with similar job skills. Better performance means better positions and pay. Contractors can showcase skills, good performance, and client satisfaction by building a base of evaluations. The best contractors join StaffingScore to market Elite Performance and secure lucrative assignments.

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